TB9400 Series P25 Phase 2 Base Station

TB9400 Series P25 Phase 2 Base Station
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Type: TB9400 Series P25 Phase 2 Base Station
Brand: Tait
Model: TB9400

The TB9400 is the second generation P25 digital base station from Tait with Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity, building on the leadership role Tait established with its first IP base station over half a decade ago. The TB9400 provides both 12.5 kHz P25 Phase 1 FDMA, and 6.25 kHz equivalent P25 Phase 2 TDMA trunked capability, allowing customers to transition to a more spectrally efficient solution, gain greater capacity, or simply future proof their investment. The TB9400 delivers on deployment and operational efficiency through capabilities such as the ability to software upgrade to P25 Phase 2, Linear Simulcast Modulation and remote network management.


  • Operation in the 700/800 MHz frequency band
  • Future proofing with a P25 Phase 1 trunked base station upgradeable to P25 Phase 2
  • Software upgradability to P25 Phase 2 TDMA to provide increased capacity
  • Linear Simulcast Modulation, which enables simulcast networks with fewer sites
  • Adherence to the P25 standards to provide choice and interoperability
  • IP connectivity to allow efficient scaling and design of networks
  • Extensive remote management and monitoring capabilities with a focus on security
  • Reliability and availability with a MIL-STD design combined with features to mitigate network outages
  • As part of a Tait P25 network managed encryption, standardised intersystem connections and standardised console connectivity
Specifications Tait TB9400 Series Spec. Sheet


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